Creating a Healthier and More Active Community in Alameda County, California

The Regional Park Foundation is devoted to providing universal access and environmental stewardship in Alameda County, California. To this end, they have launched the Cross Alameda Trail (CAT), a four-mile low-stress urban corridor for walking and biking. This trail connects the west side of the island to the east, from the seaplane lagoon at Alameda Point to the Miller-Sweeney Bridge (Fruitvale). The Community Preventive Services Task Force (CPSTF) has also issued a recommendation for park, trail, and greenway infrastructure interventions to be used in combination with additional interventions, such as structured or community outreach programs.

An example of this is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Active People, Healthy NationSM program, which is designed to increase physical activity. The main sources of grant funding for these initiatives include the Alameda County transportation sales tax (Measure B) and funds from the TFCA county program administrator of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Additionally, all projects are funded by funds from Alameda County transportation sales taxes (measures B and BB).The Regional Park Foundation is committed to making parks and trails more accessible to residents of Alameda County. Through their efforts, they are helping to create a healthier and more active community. The CPSTF has identified several strategies that can be used to improve access to parks and trails in Alameda County.

These include increasing public awareness of existing parks and trails, providing incentives for people to use them, improving safety and security measures, and providing better access to public transportation. Additionally, they recommend that local governments work with community organizations to develop programs that promote physical activity in parks and trails. The Regional Park Foundation is also working with local governments to create more green spaces in Alameda County. This includes creating new parks and trails as well as improving existing ones. They are also working with local businesses to provide incentives for people to use these spaces.

By providing universal access and environmental stewardship in Alameda County, the Regional Park Foundation is helping to create a healthier and more active community. Through their initiatives, they are making it easier for residents of Alameda County to access parks and trails, encouraging physical activity, and creating more green spaces.

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