Unlock Educational Opportunities in Alameda County, California

Our mission is to provide, promote and support leadership and service to ensure the success of all children, in every country. Alameda County in the East Bay of California offers a plethora of educational opportunities for employees and organizations. The Butler Academic Center is a fully accredited mandatory educational program for youth detained at the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center. Quest Academy's independent study program provides an alternative to classroom instruction with a standards-based course of study.

The Oakland Community School for Creative Education has been celebrating 11 years of community building. Emma Paulino has been part of this conversation. The Creative Education Community School is open to all students from the state of California who wish to attend school. The Community School for Creative Education envisions a future in which all children have access to quality education; all children are successful in the community and in their professional careers; and the voices of young people contribute in valuable and significant ways to the success of a prosperous, equitable and multicultural society.

The Division of Student Programs and Services (SPA) of the Alameda County Office of Education offers alternative education programs year-round for a diverse student population. Links to Alameda County's 18 school districts and this year's composite holiday calendar represent 26% of closed school days. The Training & Education Center in Alameda County has officially reopened and launched a variety of trainings focused on diversity. Explore information and resources about the reopening of Alameda County schools, including school counseling on COVID-19. Alameda County provides an array of educational opportunities for students, employees, and organizations alike.

From the Butler Academic Center to Quest Academy's independent study program, there are plenty of options available for those looking to further their education. The Oakland Community School for Creative Education has been celebrating 11 years of community building, while the Division of Student Programs and Services (SPA) offers alternative education programs year-round. Additionally, the Training & Education Center has reopened with trainings focused on diversity. With so many options available, Alameda County is an ideal place to unlock educational opportunities.

Blanche Greiwe
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